HammyTime Productions
Hammytime Productions U.K. took over production of the series when the original producers Riverbank Productions Limited, a Canadian company, were approached by Working Title Films, to co produce further episodes in the UK. Based on the Isle of Wight. Hammytime is dedicated to retaining the charm and simple story telling style which has made the series a world wide success in entertaining the very young and the not so very young, for over fifty years.

Hammytime Productions has it’s roots set firmly in the hands of Childrens story tellers Lotte Reiniger, Frieda Lingstrom and producer Ursula Eason. Dave Ellison, creater of Hammy and his friends, had the privilege to work with these icons of Childrens programming in the early days of television from the Alexandra Palace and Lime Grove studios. Lotte and her shadow puppets and Frieda with her string and glove puppets, developed visual story telling for the two to seven years old child which culminated in the hugely successful ‘Watch with Mother’ television programme. Tales of the Riverbank was developed from the style introduced by Lotte and Frieda. A style that has stood the test of time. A style that is remembered fondly by the parents and grand parents of today.

From its studios on the Isle of Wight, Hammytime U.K. produced twenty six, five minute episodes staring Hammy the Hamster, Roddy the White Rat and Mr G.P. the Guinea Pig Under the title ‘Further Tales of the Riverbank’. Digitaly remastered, the series is now on release in various formats and further episodes are in pre production.

Books by the series creator Dave Ellison and beautifully illustrated by Pauline Hazelwood are now ready to down load with more to come.

Bringing the series to a new generation, Hammytime U.K. Produces of classic childrens visual entertainment. Producers of international award winning programmes. Producers and creators of traditional story telling for the very young.